DVCon India 2019 Conference Sponsor

DVCon India 2019 Conference Sponsor

Accellera Systems Initiative, the proud sponsor of DVCon India 2019, is an independent organization with the mission to provide design and verification standards required by systems, semiconductor, IP and design tool companies to enhance a front-end design automation process. We collaborate with our community of companies, individuals and organizations in delivering the standards that lower the cost to design commercial EDA, IC and embedded system solutions. As a result of its partnership with the IEEE, Accellera standards are transferred to the IEEE Standards Association for formalization and ongoing change control.

Accellera Systems Initiative: A New Synergy for Standards

System, software, and semiconductor design are converging to meet the increasing challenges to create complex integrated circuits and system on chips. This convergence has brought to the forefront the need for a single organization to facilitate the creation of system-level, semiconductor design, and verification standards. Leading industry standards associations Accellera Organization Inc. and the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) merged in 2011 to form a single organization, Accellera Systems Initiative, to address the needs of the system and semiconductor designers who must find new and smarter ways to create and produce increasingly complex chips. The new organization will evolve to create more comprehensive standards that benefit the global electronic design community.


Accellera members directly influence the development of the most important and widely used standards in electronic design. Member companies protect and leverage their investment in design languages through their funding of a proven, effective and responsible organization. In addition, our members have a higher level of visibility in the EDA industry as active participants in Accellera-sponsored activities and as contributors to its decisions, which impact the EDA industry. For a full list of technical activities that are supported by Accellera, and for information on how to join us, please visit our website at www.accellera.org.

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