Speaker Resource Center

Speaker Resource Center

This Speaker Resource Center is designed to help DVCon India accepted paper presenters prepare their final paper and slide presentation, as well as to get ready for their responsibilities at conference.


Callie Koble Events Coordinator

Important Deadlines


Notification of Acceptance

You will receive notification of acceptance on Thursday 5, July.

Finalizing Your Paper

Final Paper Deadline

Deadline: Monday 5, August

Final papers must be uploaded to link provided by MP Associates no later than Monday 3, August.

Please note the following regarding your final papers:

It is imperative that you follow these instructions to ensure that your paper is in the correct format and acceptable for publication.

To be published, an accepted paper must:


Deadline: Wednesday 14, August

  • Registration instructions will be sent to the speaker in July.
    • The speaker must be registered by Wednesday 14, August.
    • You may contact Terri Mackenzie with registration questions.
  • One person from each paper or poster must be registered at the Speaker Conference rate and present at DVCon India before the final paper will be published.
  • Failure to register prior to the deadline will result in your paper being removed from the conference proceedings. Accellera also reserves the right to exclude a paper from publication after the conference if the paper is not presented at the conference.

Presentation Prep

Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentations should use the Presentation Template.
  • Each oral presentation will be allotted 30 minutes.
  • Final slides will be pre-loaded onto the conference computers in the meeting rooms.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes early to the session to ensure you have plenty of time to check your slides and prepare.

Draft Slides

Deadline: Monday 12, August

  • Submit draft slides to link provided by MP Associates to be reviewed by the Session Chair.
  • MP Associates will email the speaker instructions and a link to upload their presentation slides for review.
  • When the Chair has completed their slide review, the speaker will receive an email notification to log back into the review site to view the Chair's comments.
  • Please contact the Session Chair if you do not hear from them with feedback by Friday 23, August. You will find their email at the top of the page where you upload your slides.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Please use a 4:3 aspect ratio on all slides.
  • PPT Template

Speaker Bio Submission

Deadline: Monday 12, August

Provide your speaker bio to be read prior to your presentation at conference. You will be provided with link by MP Associates by 12 August.

Final Slides Submission

Deadline: Tuesday 3, September

  • All presenters will upload their final presentation slides to link provided by MP Associates by Tuesday 3, September
  • All speakers are required to bring their final presentation on a portable memory USB drive to conferencFinal Slides Submission

Poster Preperation 

Deadline: Tuesday 3, September 

  • Physical poster must be a maximum size of 48 inches tall by 36 inches wide, OR size A0 paper. Presenters are responsible to print their own poster and bring to conference.
  • Example 36 x 48 PPT Poster Template.
  • Please contact Karthikeyan Subramanian for any questions related to posters. 

Conference Prep

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your session to familiarize yourself with the equipment and prepare for the session. Please note: Speakers must bring their presentation with them to conference on a portable memory USB drive. Presentations may NOT be run from the speaker's personal laptop. 

This is a list of the equipment you will find in each of the presentation rooms.


  • Podium microphone
  • Lavalier microphone
  • Aisle microphones for questions
  • Laser pointer
  • Speaker timer
  • Laptop running Office 2010